Bichon Poodle Cuteness!

A hearty “Good Morning” from Winfield Kennel! We are so excited to introduce you to our beautiful Bichon Poodle boy who is almost ready for his new family!

Even thought it’s a bit grey and dreary out this morning, it’s a still a good day for the vet to come out!

This little wagging boy (Bichon x Mini Poodle) arrived in April of this year and is ready to for his very first wellness check this morning. Our vet will carefully listen to his heart beat, inspect his hips, eyes, teeth, etc, to make sure he’s in excellent health for the new family who will choose him. The health record will be filled in at that time. His first shots and deworming will also be administered this morning.

Isn’t he just adorable? Full of life and energy, he is definitely going to bring spunk, humor, and a lot of wet kisses to his new family!

Please call us at 519-638-3697 if you have any questions at all. We’d love to assist you . . . And, if you have time . . . feel free to read the reviews from our clients on their “happy dog”.

Thank you for stopping by! We wish you a wonderful day!


Happy Puppy . . . Happy Family!

We sure make cute puppies here at Winfield Kennel! Take a look!

These adorable portraits arrived in our inbox this past month. Our happy customers wanted to share images of their “happy dog” with you.

Check out this beautiful, wagging tail named “Lulu”. Her family writes:
“This dog has personality and then some, Lulu has brought so much joy to this family. She’s crazy smart and loves to play, play, play. Just watch your socks around her. 😂 “

alt="reviews for Winfield Kennel in Ontario"

What a photogenic poser! Thank you so much for sending in Lulu’s photo! She looks super bright!

Up next, we are very pleased to show off “Moka”. His family has this to say about their cutie: “We picked up our puppy on November 10 2018. His name is Moka, he’s so playful and makes us smile every day.   He’s such a great dog and companion.  Thank you Erma! “

alt="reviews for Winfield Kennel in Ontario"

Moka is absolutely beautiful! I would be smiling too, if I saw that adorable, button nose, every single day! Yes, a happy puppy makes a happy family!

Best wishes to both homes! We are so pleased to see how pampered they are, and we feel blessed to know we have helped your family find such joy in these furry friends that we raise for families just like yours – all across Ontario!

To see more photos sent in to us from our customers, please check out our page call “Your Happy Dog”.

Thank you for your interest in Winfield Kennel!

Our Cockapoo Girls Have Arrived!

Thank you to all for being so patient to see our beautiful Cockapoo girls that we have available. Update on 04/25/2019: we apologize, but the phone has been ringing since we posted our adorable girls and they are now spoken for! Please call if you want to leave a deposit and be put on a waiting list.

Winfield Kennel is delighted to show off these beautiful Cockapoo girls that happily wiggled into this big, wide, beautiful world on March 7, 2019.

These two cuties were a joy to photograph and are ready to be chosen by a loving family.

alt="winfield kennel puppies for sale ontario 2019"

The girl with her head cocked for you, sitting on the left, is definitely larger in size, but oh, so sweet in nature. Our petite cutie, who we featured in our sneak peak, is full of spunk and curiosity. Believe it or not, she actually leaped over the edge of that crate! No worries please, we always have someone standing within reach to keep the little ones safe!

Both are healthy, will have their paperwork filled out by the vet when he comes (he was scheduled for today but something must have come up), will receive their first shots and de-worming! They are ready to leave our family when this is completed to bond with you and your loved ones.

Call soon! These two won’t last long!

While you’re still here, please take the time to read updates, sent in to us from previous customers, on our page called “Your Happy Dog“. Enjoy!

Thank you kindly for your interest! We can’t wait to hear from you by phone at 519-638-3697.

A Sneak Peek For You!

What a lovely Easter Monday morning it is! Winfield Kennel is so excited to give you a sneak peek at our Cockapoo litter born on March 7, 2019!

alt="cockapoo puppies at winfield kennel ontario, canada"

Our photographer was here last week and the two girls in this litter will be receiving the vet health check, first shots and de-worming on Thursday of this week. We will not be posting those photos until our vet has been here!

Please stay tuned!

We can’t wait to meet the new families who will choose these precious Cockapoo puppies that are for sale here at Winfield Kennel!

Have a lovely day!

Only Three ENGLISH LAB Puppies Left!!!

It’s that wonderful time of year with Spring break upon us! What a marvelous time to bring home that four-legged, wagging friend your family has longed for! Update: ALL SOLD!

alt="yellow lab puppies for sale in ontario 2019"

Currently, we have one boy and two girls waiting for their forever home! Will that be your home? Feel free to check the whole yellow English Lab litter by clicking here. We can’t wait to hear from you! 519-638-3697!
Update: ALL SOLD!

We love to hear how our customers are loving their yellow, English Labs. Take a look!

Best Friends

“We purchased him from you…. when he was only 6 weeks old and he has been an absolute joy to have and we can’t imagine our lives with out him! He has definitely exceeded all of our expectations, he is extremely intelligent and was house broken within a couple of days and picked up very quickly on quite a few commands.  Our little 18 month old boy just loves him to pieces and they will be best friends for many years to come!! He has been an amazing addition to our family!!

Another customer sent in this letter and photo with her yellow, English Lab:

“Hi there. I just wanted to update you on our gorgeous puppy, Murphy…. Murphy loves interacting with other dogs and going on walks. She is such an amazing addition to little family. My husband and I are happy we chose the little brown nosed puppy. We are beyond happy with her and she sends big wet kisses and big furry hugs to her brothers and sisters.

alt="reviews for winfield kennel puppies for sale in ontario"

Winfield’s hours of operation are Monday through Saturday and appointments can be booked by calling 519-638-3697. We’d love to meet you!

Wishing you and family a wonderful and joy-filled Spring Break!

The Last Cockapoo Left Us This Afternoon!

Winfield is thrilled to say all of our Cockapoo puppies are sold!

  The last little one just drove out our gravel laneway! What joy those homes must be experiencing right now!  Please send us updates and photos after you have settled into a routine with your wee one!

There are still some pure, yellow English Labs looking for a home.  One little boy and three girls waiting for their forever family!

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

Please call, 519-638-3697, we’d love to see you yet this afternoon!  It’s a gorgeous, sunny, Saturday afternoon.  I hear the roads are wonderful.  One customer left at midnight from Sault Ste. Marie and arrived here at 7:30 in the morning!  He left with a sweet lab and picked up a sweet Cockapoo for another lady from the same city.  We hope the travel went well!

Enjoy the sunshine! 

Happy Family Day Weekend!

Winfield is bustling with happy wagging tails and we are so pleased to let you know that our yellow, English Labs and Cockapoos are ready to leave us this Family Day weekend.

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in Ontario"

Please call us at 519-638-3697 today! We’d love to book a time to meet with you! We are open today, closed on Sunday, and will reopen on Monday morning!

Please check out the Cockapoo litters here and our beautiful labs on this link!

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

Happy Choosing! We hope to hear from you soon!

Enjoy your loved ones on this Family Day weekend!

Meet Our Ever-So-Sweet COCKAPOO Puppies!

It’s so exciting to be able to share this ever-so-sweet Cockapoo litter with you!  (For those of you that long to see our beautiful, yellow, English Labs, please click here.)

Even though we are in the midst of a February storm, we hope the weather will die down by this weekend, in time for you to come and take home your new family member!

Born on December 23, 2018, these little ones are ready for you!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Between our December 14, 2018 litter posted last week, and this adorable one, we are sure to satisfy all those of you who have been calling us to put your name on our waiting list! Four boys and two girls in this litter to choose from!

I know there are those of you that think these are sweet, but you really do long for a larger breed . . . well, we have the perfect fit for you! Our lovely, yellow, English Labs are ready for you! Check out that beautiful litter here.

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

Please call us at 519-638-3697, to set up an appointment with us or just to ask any questions you may have. We’d love to assist you!

Stay warm on this stormy day here in Southern Ontario! Be safe!


Happy New Year From Winfield Kennel!

Boy, yesterday was certainly a blustery, bitter cold day to have the vet and photographer come out to us here at Winfield Kennel!  They braved the elements and were soon toasty and warm inside our home with all these wagging tails.

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

Our day started with giving these gentle, sweet, pure English Labs a warm bath and belly rub!  We wanted them to look their absolute best for you all!

Born on December 17, 2018, we are so thrilled to show off our three boys and three girls. (Update: the boy with the beautiful brown nose has been chosen!)

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

I told you we have a lot of wagging tails at the moment. Our Cockapoo litter arrived on December 14, 2018, with one boy (sitting outside the crate in the bottom image) and four girls in this happy litter.

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in Ontario"

They have all received their first shots, deworming and health vet check, so they will be ready to leave us by February the 9th.  I’m hoping for warmer weather and clear roads for those of you wishing to take one of these pups into your heart and home!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in Ontario"

Stay warm!  We can’t wait to hear from you!  519-638-3697!

Bring A Puppy Home For The Holidays!

With the crisp morning air and a light dusting of snow all over our yard, we decided it was a good morning to stay snug and warm indoors. 

These little ones all received a soapy bath and grooming before the photographer arrived.  What fun we had!  Each one did extremely well for their very first puppy photo session!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Our beautiful litter of Cockapoos entered the world on October 20, 2018. This is our very last litter for the year and we are very pleased to introduce you to five boys and two girls who are looking for a wonderful family to take them home for the holidays! UPDATE: ALL SOLD!

Aren’t they beautiful?

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Three boys are filling up our crate in the top photo and the two girls are tucked into the bottom crate at both ends.  

Each little pup will be carefully health checked by a vet (who is coming in the first week of December), giving them their first shots and deworming.  Only after they are all given their healthy records, which we pass along to you, will you be able to come to bring them home.  

Please call us, Erma and Frank, at 519-638-3697 on Monday through Saturday if you are interested in bringing home one of these precious pups for the holidays.  Thank you kindly for your interest in Winfield Kennel.

For our wonderful customers of 2018 we want to say Thank You!!!  We hope you are enjoying your wonderful dog!  We’d love to here how they are doing.  You can email us your photos and we’d love to add them to our page that will show off “Your Happy Dog”

Thank you for stopping by!