Beautiful ENGLISH LAB Puppies FOR SALE in Ontario!

 Hello!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

Winfield Kennel has a beautiful litter of English Lab puppies that wiggled into the world on April 21, 2018.  Both are healthy and have a lovely nature.

These two are absolutely beautiful and we are so pleased to show them off to you today.  They loved coming outside for their photo session. The little girl is already spoken for, leaving our handsome boy waiting to be chosen.  Update on 06/25/2018: happily sold to a family in Elmira, Ontario.

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

Will that be your family?  Both these little ones have been health inspected by the vet, given their first shots and deworming!  They will come with their papers from the vet, and a puppy care pack which includes a yummy little sample of food for your puppy!

We can’t wait to hear from you!



Sweet Cockapoo Puppies Amid April’s Snow!

Wow!  That was a beautiful drive to Winfield Kennel this morning!  Southern Ontario is so beautiful!  The fluffy whiteness covered everything!  It’s not exactly what we expect this time of year but I know this won’t last long.  (Update on 04.12.2018: All sold!)

I impulsively stopped my car in the lane way and captured the April snow clinging to the branches.AprilSnowWS

So thrilled to show off this beautiful litter of Cockapoo puppies that wiggled into the world on February 17, 2018.  The vet came yesterday to give them their health check, first shots and deworming.  He has deemed them healthy, happy, and ready to leave us!

There are four girls and one boy looking for a happy home!  We are pleased to mention that the boy on the right is already spoken for!alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"


Please give us a call at 519-638-3697 if you’re interested, we’d love to have you come on out and visit us!  We guarantee a beautiful, relaxing drive in this gorgeous part of Ontario!

Happy Spring!

Gorgeous MINI POODLE Puppies FOR SALE In Ontario – NOW SOLD!

A snowy welcome from Winfield Kennel this morning!

Located on a beautiful farm in Southern Ontario, we are surrounded by rolling acres of land, a pond where our almost-grown children and dogs love to cool off on a hot summer day, and where we are entertained by our happy dogs.  No, we never grow tired of raising these fluff-balls that become wonderful companions to families that are scattered all across this lovely province.

We just had to show off our last Cockapoo from the December 3 litter just days before he left us with his new family.  We wanted to photograph our latest Mini Poodle litter but just couldn’t resist putting him in the crate!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario" We are very, very pleased to present our pure Mini Poodle litter this morning.  They wiggled into this world on January 20th, 2018, healthy, happy, and full of sweet energy.  There are three boys and three girls in this litter who have been carefully checked over by a vet, dewormed, and have their first shots.  They are ready to leave us now . . . just waiting for you!

alt="Mini Poodle puppies for sale in Ontario"

Aren’t they adorable?  They rocked their photo session!  Best behaved little ones EVER! UPDATE on 03/16/2018: all happily sold!

The fastest way to get a hold of us is by calling us on Monday through Saturday at 519-638-3697.  We can’t wait to talk to you and answer any questions you may have!

Thank you so much for your interest and we wish you a wonderful day!

Our COCKAPOO Puppies Sold Like Hotcakes!

Wow, that was fast!

Winfield Kennel is very excited to let you know that all of our adorable Cockapoo puppies are spoken for after posting them just a few days ago!  We even have someone flying in from British Columbia to fetch their little one chosen from the photographs posted here.alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"Thank you for the overwhelming response!  I wish we could have accommodated everyone with a pup from this amazing litter!  Please check back often to see what we have available.  We will keep this blog very current with any news!  For instance, we had a brand new litter of pure Mini Poodles that just made their arrival.  Check back for photographs in six weeks time.  We do like to give them their space while they grow, eat, sleep, and get ready to leave us.

To all of our customers, we would love to hear from you in a few months time, after you’ve picked up your puppy and settled into a routine with your furry family member.  Please email us your photos because we’d love to add them to “Your Happy Dog” page on this blog for other readers to enjoy!

Have a wonderful day!

Beautiful COCKAPOO Puppies For Sale In Ontario

They have arrived!!!

Winfield Kennel is thrilled to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful Cockapoo puppies who arrived on blustery, cold day in December.  December the 3rd to be exact.

These beautifully colored pups just saw the vet last evening for their first health check.  He filled out the paperwork for you and very gently administered their first shots.  He also started them on a five day deworming program just like all our puppies receive.

We are pleased to present five girls and three boys (sitting together) who did amazing at their first photo session today!  They were the easiest eight puppies ever to photograph.  They loved listening to the strange noises I was making to get their attention and didn’t seem to mind the flash coming from the soft boxes.  alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"We receive so many calls and email inquiries throughout the year for Cockapoo puppies and just can’t keep up with the demand.  Because of this, we cannot “hold” a puppy for you without a deposit down.  It really is first come, first served.  So, mark your calendars . . . this coming Monday, on January 22, 2018, we are excited to start taking appointments for our customers to come and see these little ones and to pick out the personality that best suits you and your family.  Please call 519-638-3697 on Monday through Saturday.  We can’t wait to meet you!

For those wondering about our Bichon Poodle puppies, we are so happy to let you know the last two sold today!  They have all found a loving family.

We’d love to hear how your dog is doing in the next few months.  Please send your photos in to us and we’d love to add them to our page on this site that showcases “your happy dog“.

Anyways, this post is long enough!  It’s so exciting to have eight little ones for you to choose from.  Thank you for allowing us to show off our adorable Cockapoo puppies!

Have a wonderful day!

Only Three Bichon Poodle Girls Left!

We’ve had a wonderful weekend here at Winfield Kennel!  Our two boys have been chosen from this healthy litter of Bichon Poodle pups, leaving us with these three, gentle girls!  Update on 01/16/2018: so happy to say all have found a home!alt="bichon poodle puppies for sale in Ontario"The vet has come and gone!  Each little one has passed their health inspection with flying colors and the paper work is ready for you!  We’d love to book an appointment with you to view this gentle-natured breed!  (519) 638-3697

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog.  Feel free to check out the photos and updates from our customers about their “happy dog“.

Have a most wonderful day!

Happy New Year With Bichon Poodle Puppies!

Yay!  It’s a New Year!  A fresh, brand new start!

“Happy New Year” to all our customers and readers!  Winfield Kennel had a waggin’ good time over Christmas and enjoyed the quiet closeness of family and friends.

We’d love to see your photos of your happy dog purchased from us over the last few years to see how he/she enjoyed celebrating the holidays with you.

Take a look!  We are entering the New Year happily caring for these really gentle Bichon Poodle puppies that were born back in November . . . on the 18th day, to be exact.   We have two boys (top photo) and three lovely little ladies in this healthy litter.

Yesterday, these Bi-Poos loved their bath and cuddles with a warm towel to get ready for their very first photo session.  The girls seemed to thrive in the spot light and sat up tall right away!  The boys, although you can’t tell from the photo, just wanted to curl up and snuggle with the soft blanket hidden under them.  We had a lot of fun using squeaky toys, making strange noises and placing their paws in the correct position, over and over again.  Patience won!  Here they are!  Aren’t they just precious?

alt="bichon poodle puppies for sale in Ontario"

Today we are welcoming the vet into our residence and he will check over each little pup and write up all the paper work for you once they have passed the health check.  He will then administer the first shots needed and the deworming.

Our family is thrilled to allow these little ones to go home this coming Saturday!  Don’t hesitate to call us at 519-638-3697 to book an appointment any time on Monday through Saturday!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Two, Beautiful ENGLISH LAB Boys WAITING For You! NOW SOLD!

Good Morning from Winfield Kennel!  What a beautiful morning with our trees dusted lightly with fresh, sparkling snow.

We are delighted to let you know our September 1, 2017 English Lab litter is all spoken for.  The four girls and two boys from the September 2 litter have found their new homes too and I hope that they are all adjusting well.  The last girl is leaving us this morning!  We would love to see photos of your new pup enjoying his new home and surroundings!  Please, don’t hesitate to fill our email with updates and snapshots.alt="puppies for sale in ontario"The two handsome boys pictured on the bottom, one with a unique brown snout and one black button-nose are available to be chosen from our September 2 litter.  They love to romp around, love to eat, and are busy growing!  Update on 11/25/2017: now sold!

We’d love to speak you on the phone, 519-638-3697, if you are at all interested in one of these boys!

Have a wonderful day and best wishes to you as you choose your new addition to the family.

Our Sweet ENGLISH LAB Puppies Are Waiting For Their Forever Family!

What a beautiful crisp, snowy, blowy evening here at Winfield Kennel.  We have a crackling fire to keep us toasty and warm tonight.

Our sweet, gentle English Labs are ready to go . . . looking for their forever home!  Check out the both litters here that were born in September 2017!

alt="english lab puppies for sale in Ontario"

These little ones would love to be home for CHRISTMAS!  Sitting by the fireside or right on your toes keeping them warm.

For those that brought home one of our dear pups . . . we’d absolutely love to hear from you.  Please email us your photos of your furry friend joining in on your family life.  We’d love to share them here on our blog so others can read about “Your Happy Dog“.

We’d love to set up an appointment to meet you or would love to answer any questions you may have about our pure ENGLISH LAB puppies!  519-638-3697 anytime on Monday through Saturday!

Keep warm tonight!  It’s a cold one out there.

English Labs Available & Our Bichon Poodle Puppies Sold Like Hotcakes . . .

We blogged about our sweet Bichon Poodles just yesterday and they sold like hotcakes.  They are all spoken for.  Mostly due to the fact that we have had people on a waiting list for this breed.  We are so happy for each little pup.  We’d love to see updated photos of them in their new home and family so that we can add those to our page that showcases “Your Happy Dog”.

There are absolutely beautiful English Labs available in our two healthy and happy litters.  Please check out both complete litters here.

EnglishLabBoysSept2ws.jpgToday is definitely a good day for a relaxing drive in beautiful Southern Ontario.  We’d love to have you come and visit these pups here at Winfield Kennel.