An Update On Toby & Simba!

Happy fall to everyone on this bright, cheery day!

For those inquiring about our Cockapoos, we have just two boys left! We did sell the last boy in the litter we wrote about in our last post! These boys are happily waiting for their new family!

We don’t get to our emails very often here at Winfield Kennel but it’s certainly wonderful to see updates from our customers when we do take the time!

This Bichon Poodle left us in the middle of September. His name is now Toby and I’d love to pass along to you this photo and update on this sweet, happy dog!

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“Here’s our little Toby. Brought him home two days ago, our very first pet. He loves to play and still keeps us up all night.”

Congratulations, once again, on your first pet. Thank you for sending that in! Yes, the first weeks are an adjustment for all. I trust that you all have comfortably settled into a routine with your little one! How tiny he looks next to his blue stuffy . . . You will definitely need to send in a photo in a years’ time with that same toy!

Here’s another update that was buried beneath piles of emails. So, so happy to see these photos! You have a beautiful family of boys!!!

“Hi Erma and Frank!
Just wanted to update you on how our little boy Simba which we purchased in November 2018. He is so loved by all, especially my three boys who can’t get enough of playing with him.

We are often stopped and asked if they can pet him, everyone thinks he is the cutest puppy ever! Simba is so smart (he shakes a paw, sits, lies down and rolls over), well-behaved and so much fun! He absolutely loved playing in the tons of snow we received up here in the north. Now, he likes to run around the backyard and do laps on the ground around the trampoline while the boys are jumping above.

Here are a few photos: the ones with each of my boys holding Simba is from when I surprised them with him on Christmas day. The others are more recent. The last one is his favorite sleeping position!  HA HA! Thank you Winfield Puppies for our adorable Simba! Kara L——- and family”

Isn’t this heartwarming to see and read? Check out more updates from our customers here.

There are no Bichon Poodles available anymore, in case you are wondering! We have adopted them all out. We do have three girls available that are pure Bichon. They are absolutely beautiful and ready to leave us having been vet checked, dewormed and have their first shots.

If you have questions, please us (Erma and Frank) at 519-638-3697. We’d love to give you all the info you need or to book an appointment!

We certainly hope you enjoy this beautiful day and we thank you kindly for stopping by and spending some time with us here on our blog.


Updates On Our Puppies!

Hello! Happy Fall to all!

I’m sure you’re wondering how things have been going around here at Winfield Kennel! Well, let me update you . . . We’ve met a lot of really nice families and said “good bye”to so many pups over the past month. We know you are curious as to what we have left!

Here’s what’s still available . . . Our Cockapoo boy sitting on the right was born on July 10, 2019. He’d love to find his forever family. He’s been busy playing and growing since his first photo session and has said farewell to his siblings. Update on 10/09/2019: he’s now sold!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Two, adorable boys are left in our July 13, 2019 litter. They have been growing fluffier and softer over time! What joy they bring us with those wagging tails!!!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

That’s it for our sweet Cockapoo puppies. We do have some pure Bichon’s available which you can check out here.

We’d love to chat with you in person, instead of email, to let you know all about these little boys that are available and to see if any are a good match for your family! 519-638-3697.

Thank you so much for stopping by! We look forward to hearing from you!

Adorable BICHON Puppies FOR SALE In Ontario!

What gorgeous, fall weather we have been having this week!

It’s a great weekend for a drive out to our lovely farm to visit Winfield Kennel.

Today, I am featuring this adorable, pure Bichon litter of fluffy, little girls born on July 13, 2019!

alt="pure bichon puppies for sale ontario"

Three, little gals that have been carefully checked over by the vet, have received their first shots and deworming! What beautiful, gentle pups!

This handsome boy from our July 10, 2019 litter of Mini Cockapoo puppies is the only one remaining. Such a lovable little guy! NOW SOLD! We have one boy available from our other July 10, 2019 litter . . . check that litter out here.

alt-"cockapoo puppies for sale ontario"

Check out feedback from our customers on their “happy dog” and feel confident to call us today and book an appointment! We’d love to have you come out tonight or tomorrow! 519-638-3697.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Mini COCKAPOO Puppies FOR SALE In Ontario!

It’s been a super, busy weekend here at Winfield Kennel. What a beautiful Saturday for a drive in the country for the folk driving several hours to choose their forever pup!

We said “good bye” to several puppies today and are so excited for each family and wish you all the best in your new adventure!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Yes! We still have some puppies available. There are still sweet, gentle Mini Cockapoo puppies looking for a home from our July 13 litter, along with pure Bichon and a couple of Bichon Poodle puppies left!

We’d love to show off our pups to you and let you play with them to get a feel which one is the best for you and your family!

Book an appointment! 519-638-3697. This is such a gorgeous time of year to bring your sweet, wagging pal home!

P.S. We are closed Sundays but open the rest of the week! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Hello, Sweet Bichon and Bichon Poodle Puppies!

Welcome! Winfield Kennel has some amazing little ones for you to meet today!

Say “hello” to our pure Bichon litter that made their appearance on July 19, 2019 We are so excited for you to meet our three, very adorable girls.

alt="pure bichon puppies for sale ontario"

At first glance, they may appear to all look the same but if you look a little closer you will see a difference. One has slightly darker ears, the other has light ears, and yes, another wee one has light ears with slightly darker tips. Not only that, they each have their own unique personality!

Yes, we know you’ve been waiting a while to see these since we photographed them on August the 30th, but, even though they have grown more fluffy since the photo, we did want to wait to post them until they have had their complete vet check, first shots, and deworming! Yay! They all check out very healthy!

Three, short day later, our sweet Bichon Poodle litter arrived. We are pleased to present six, healthy, happy fur balls: five bouncing boys and one, wee girl. They also have grown a little more round and fluffy since the photo session on August the 30th. (Four sold this weekend, leaving the top right boy and the middle boy on the bottom available.)

alt="bichon poodle puppies for sale in ontario"

Please call us on Monday through Saturday at 519-638-3697 to book an appointment. We will be gone during the day this week on Wednesday and Thursday, so please call again in the evening if you can’t get through.

You may want to take the time to check out and see how our other puppies are faring and how they have found happy homes! Enjoy!

So excited to meet you and to help you choose your new best friend.

Beautiful MINI COCKAPOO Puppies Available!

Hello! I am so glad you stopped by! Thank you ever so much for your interest in Winfield Kennel. It truly is the place where you will find your new, best friend!

Yes, we do still have some black beauties, with gorgeous white markings, available!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

What a joy and pleasure it is to be able to meet wonderful families from across this beautiful province of ours, as they select one of our Mini Cockapoo puppies. It’s a delight to see each connect with that “special one”.

We definitely know the delight that a four-legged, wagging friend will bring you and your home! Our previous customer also like to share with us how their pup is doing. Take the time to read their happy tales here.

Call soon! 519-638-3697. We’d love to tell you all about the precious pups that still need to find their forever home!

Have a wonderful week!

Yes, We ARE Open LABOUR DAY Monday!

This beautiful summer is slowly, sadly, coming to an end. What a gorgeous summer it has been here in Southern Ontario!

Even though it’s almost over, let me assure you there is still plenty of time to add some puppy love to the end of your summer vacation. PLEASE NOTE: We ARE open Labour Day Monday!!!

These Cockapoo puppies are sure to add some joy to your family! Two litters were welcomed with love to Winfield Kennel in July.

Three, sweet boys and one, gentle girl arrived on July 10, 2019. They really are a laid back bunch and posed wonderfully at their first photo session on August 20th.

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Six sweethearts entered the world just three days later on July 13, 2019. Five boys and one girl complete this litter

Wow, we had fun with these little ones with our photographer. Before the photo session, each little one received lots of one on one being pampered, bathed, and rubbed dry in a fluffy bath towel.

Each precious pup is vet checked at six weeks of age, given their first shots and deworming. We also include a one-year health guarantee with each pup along, with the vet record.

Please check out “Your Happy Dog” page where we post photos and emails that customers send us, to let us know how their wagging friend is doing.

Also, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 519-638-3697 if you have any questions or if you would like to book an appointment. Call soon! Our Cockapoo puppies don’t last long!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! What a beautiful one it has been!

P.S. If you’d like to purchase a print of your new wagging friend, please inquire here.

So Happy To Present Our Cockapoo Puppies!

I know, it’s been real quiet on here over the last while, but let me tell you, that is about to change! Please keep coming back over the next few weeks to see what we have in store for you!

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This time of year keeps us busy with our gardens, farming, and beautiful flower beds. Also, we are just bursting with joy over our beautiful, sweet litters of Cockapoo puppies.

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario winfield kennel"

This healthy-sized litter arrived on June 30, 2019. All of us here at Winfield Kennel are very proud to present three boys and three girls whose mama has kept them very well fed. Good job, Mama!

Update on 08/24/2019: June 30th litter is now sold!

We had a lot of fun during their very first photo session too. If you’d like to purchase an individual photograph 5×7 print of the puppy that you choose, please contact our photographer here!

On July 10, 2019, our four, beautiful, black Cockapoo puppies made their entrance into this big world. Three girls and one boy complete this siblings group.

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale ontario"

Such precious pups!!! Each little one has been carefully checked over by the vet (who also fills out the health records), received their first shots and deworming.

We know you’ve been waiting long for this breed and we happily now welcome your phone calls. 519-638-3697.

Happy choosing!

Bichon Poodle Cuteness!

A hearty “Good Morning” from Winfield Kennel! We are so excited to introduce you to our beautiful Bichon Poodle boy who is almost ready for his new family!

Even thought it’s a bit grey and dreary out this morning, it’s a still a good day for the vet to come out!

This little wagging boy (Bichon x Mini Poodle) arrived in April of this year and is ready to for his very first wellness check this morning. Our vet will carefully listen to his heart beat, inspect his hips, eyes, teeth, etc, to make sure he’s in excellent health for the new family who will choose him. The health record will be filled in at that time. His first shots and deworming will also be administered this morning.

Isn’t he just adorable? Full of life and energy, he is definitely going to bring spunk, humor, and a lot of wet kisses to his new family!

Please call us at 519-638-3697 if you have any questions at all. We’d love to assist you . . . And, if you have time . . . feel free to read the reviews from our clients on their “happy dog”.

Thank you for stopping by! We wish you a wonderful day!

Happy Puppy . . . Happy Family!

We sure make cute puppies here at Winfield Kennel! Take a look!

These adorable portraits arrived in our inbox this past month. Our happy customers wanted to share images of their “happy dog” with you.

Check out this beautiful, wagging tail named “Lulu”. Her family writes:
“This dog has personality and then some, Lulu has brought so much joy to this family. She’s crazy smart and loves to play, play, play. Just watch your socks around her. 😂 “

alt="reviews for Winfield Kennel in Ontario"

What a photogenic poser! Thank you so much for sending in Lulu’s photo! She looks super bright!

Up next, we are very pleased to show off “Moka”. His family has this to say about their cutie: “We picked up our puppy on November 10 2018. His name is Moka, he’s so playful and makes us smile every day.   He’s such a great dog and companion.  Thank you Erma! “

alt="reviews for Winfield Kennel in Ontario"

Moka is absolutely beautiful! I would be smiling too, if I saw that adorable, button nose, every single day! Yes, a happy puppy makes a happy family!

Best wishes to both homes! We are so pleased to see how pampered they are, and we feel blessed to know we have helped your family find such joy in these furry friends that we raise for families just like yours – all across Ontario!

To see more photos sent in to us from our customers, please check out our page call “Your Happy Dog”.

Thank you for your interest in Winfield Kennel!