And Then There Were Seven!

It’s always a guessing game here . . . How many little ones will arrive “this time”? We do love the anticipation and yes, you read the introduction correctly, there are SEVEN of them!

Winfield Kennel proudly presents a whopping, healthy litter of Coton de Tulear puppies that arrived on May 23, 2020.

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Four, really adorable girls and three boys, just as sweet, are getting checked over by the vet this week. He will look into their mouth at their teeth, check their bite, eyes, hips, carefully listen to their teeny, tiny heart beat, and make sure they are overall healthy. Only after they pass inspection, have their first shots and deworming administered, will he fill in the health records that go home with each new family.

There has been a lot of interest in this anticipated litter, and we are confident that these will all be going home on the weekend (or soon after) to the eager families that have already left us their contact information. I do know they are waiting on these photos too!!!

We really look forward to meeting each one of you and introducing you to your new best friend!

See you soon!

Winfield Kennel

Raindrops, Grandchildren & Puppies!

Those rain clouds were definitely a welcome sight here at Winfield Kennel! Our grandchildren arrived for three nights on Tuesday, as the steady rain soaked into our dry fields and parched land. The gardens look refreshed and my heart is full!

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What a joy to wake up to the chatter of young children playing and our happy dogs barking. With great care, the three little ones bundled up each wagging tail in a towel after their “puppy mummy” had given them a bath. Yes, that’s what they call grandma.

Each black, button-nose was patted dry and their curly heads dried with all the love of three grandchildren.

And now, introducing you to our Cockapoo litter that wiggled into the world on May 08, 2020.

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

So very thrilled to show off two girls and four, curly-headed boys that are health checked, dewormed and given their first shots. The vet even filled out the health records that are to go home with each new family this Saturday!

This pandemic has brought a lot of interest in our puppies and I am very pleased to let you know that we have enough people waiting to give each one a safe, loving home!

I regret that we don’t have any more for you at this time, but that does give us more time to spend with our children and grandchildren. Feel free to browse through the updates our customers have sent to us on “your happy dog” page.

Have a wonderful day!

Here They Are . . . Our Adorable Coton Pups!

What a hot, very humid, sticky day to photograph these Coton de Tulear cuties just a week and a half ago!

alt="puppies for sale at winfield kennel ontario"

We brought them out of the house where the photo session usually takes place and decided to use our lovely stone entrance as their backdrop!

Winfield Kennel is very thrilled to show off these boys, our latest Coton de Tulear litter, that arrived on April 19, 2020. Yes, they are all boys!

The photo session went so well! I was so proud of each one! The chunky, pleasant boy on top, our spunky, alert boy sitting on the bottom left, and the sweet, shy boy on the right. He would have rather curled up inside the basket, but with a little coaxing, he showed off that beautiful button-nose.

All three were carefully health checked by the vet last Thursday. He listened to their tiny heartbeat, checked their hips, eyes, and all that needed to be examined. The first shots and deworming were administered, and the health records completed that will go home with each one.

These little ones are ready to go on Saturday . . . on to new adventures . . . giving all their wet kisses, happy barks, and cuddles to their forever family.

Yes, I do regret to tell you that we have enough names and contact information to place these little ones and the next few litters. We kindly ask that new inquiries be held off until further notice because we just can’t keep up with demand at this opportune time with so many folks home from work and children not able to attend school.

Thank you kindly for your interest! It really is a joy to be the place where you can find your new best friend!


Winfield Kennel

Cockapoo & Bichon Poodle Puppies, All Spoken For!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in Ontario"

Finally! The spring weather has returned to us and this mid-morning was absolutely beautiful here at Winfield Kennel.

With a sunny blue sky, happy, chirping song birds in our tree tops and spring flowers bobbing in the warm breeze, yes, it’s definitely a good day to photograph our puppies.

alt="bichon poodle puppies for sale in ontario"

This sweet litter of Bichon Poodles was welcomed with love on March 28, 2020. There are three, healthy boys and one, little girl who are all spoken for. We know many of you have been patiently waiting for these photos. We kindly thank you!

These gentle Cockapoos arrived on April 6, 2020. Two, husky boys and four gorgeous girls complete this healthy litter. Each pup was checked over by our vet, given their first shots and deworming. The health records are also filled out and ready to go home with each new family. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to your new best friend!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in Ontario"

Yes, we had an overwhelming response of interest in our litters and we have enough families to claim each and every one of these wagging tails. Feel free to check out updates on our pups in their new home, here.

Enjoy the warmer weather and we wish you all healthy and happiness!

P.S. For those interested in our Cotons . . . we have a litter of four that is ready to go home in June. We do not have any Cockapoos available until late summer. Please check back at that time.

Please take note: Due to the large volume of calls we have been receiving during Covid-19, please call only during those hours listed and kindly remember we are closed on Sunday! 519-638-3697 on Monday through Saturday from 9:00 through 11:30. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

Hello Spring! Hello Coton Puppies!

Well, hello there, Spring! It’s so good to finally see you today after playing hide and seek with us.

The milder weather is definitely most welcome here at Winfield Kennel, as are these adorable Coton de Tulear puppies that arrived on March 4, 2020.

alt="coton de tulear puppies for sale in ontario"

Please say “hello” to our three, handsome boys and one, sweet girl that we have available.

Actually, the girl is already spoken for. (She’s in the first photo and sitting on the bottom left.) That adorable pup is saved for a wonderful family who had previously purchased another wagging tail from us. That dear, much-loved pup sadly passed away in an accident. Our hearts are so sad for this couple and we are most happy to have this girl find a home with such a loving family.

UPDATE JUST TWO HOURS AFTER POSTING: THREE ARE NOW SPOKEN FOR!!! Congratulations to Christina, Rita, and Rachel and to your families!!! We can’t wait for you to meet your new best friend!

The boy with the black patch is still available . . . It didn’t work out for the family that was considering him. Call soon, he’s ready to leave today. Update: Now happily chosen! ALL SOLD!

alt="coton de tulear puppies for sale in ontario"

They are ready to go! Photographed just this morning, these puppies did amazing for their very first photo session . . . just a day after their very first vet visit. Yes, they are carefully health checked, given their first shots and the deworming. All paperwork is also filled out and ready for you!

Please call, no emails, 519-638-3697, if you would like to book an appointment or if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for your interest! We hope you all stay healthy and enjoy the arrival of this spring-like weather.

Thank You To All Of Our Customers!!!

Whew!!! What a week it has been!

The past two weeks have been extremely busy here at Winfield Kennel. There has been so much interest in adopting a puppy during this pandamic that we are experiencing.

We are mighty proud to introduce you to our mini Cockapoo litter that arrived on February 5, 2020. There are three, absolutely adorable boys and two girls in this litter that has been health checked by a vet, de-wormed and given their first shots. Their health records are also ready to go.

Because we’ve taken down so many contacts over the last few days, this litter is all spoken for. Winfield will be closed for the next month and will not be having anymore Cockapoos for at least two months or more.

Thank you, kindly for your interest and we hope that you will check back with our blog to see what is new at that time.

A great big thank you to our customers . . . it really is a joy to see these puppies go to families that love and adore them. Please, don’t hesitate to email us your pictures to We’d love to hear and see how they are adapting to their new home. Also, it would be fun to show them off on this blog.

Thanks again for your interest!

We wish you all health and happiness!

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Wagging Tails . . .

Four little, five little, six little wagging tails . . . happily waiting here for you!!!

Yes! Winfield Kennel has six wagging, mini Cockapoo puppies for you. What gorgeous colors and gentle personalities they have!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale at winfield kennel, ontario"

Arriving on February 3, 2020, there are four, healthy boys and two girls with a very proud Cocker Spaniel mama and a pure, mini Poodle father.

Such adorable chunks, especially after the warm bath they all received before our photographer arrived two days ago!

Our vet arrived yesterday morning for their health check, first shots and deworming. They are good to go. The health records were also completed and go home with each little pup.

I know these are uncertain times and we will continue our disinfecting and handwashing practices between each and every customer. Our wish is for everyone to remain healthy.

Thank you for allowing us to show you these six, sweet faces!

In the meantime, if you have a bit more time on your hands, please check out the photos our previous customers have sent to us! We know you will enjoy their updates as much as we do!

PLEASE NOTE: these are now all spoken for. Since we are experiencing a higher volume of calls than usual with so many families seeking a puppy during this pandemic, we kindly inform you that these are all spoken for! We have people booked and enough names written down that will find each one a home. Please stay tuned to this blog for any changes and updates and for when we will receive phone calls again. We kindly, kindly thank you all for your interest in our mini Cockapoos.

Good News! Our COCKAPOO Litter Arrived!

Yes!  We have good news . . . I promise!

In this uncertain time, being bombarded with hourly updates of the Covid-19 pandemic, let me bring you a little reprieve.  Allow me to show you the most heartwarming, little furballs to get your mind recharged.

We’d like you to meet our adorable Cockapoo litter that was photographed only a few hours ago here at Winfield Kennel. Update on 03/25/2020: All happily SOLD!!!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"
alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Seven, ever-so-sweet girls and one, not-so-lonely boy wiggled into this world on January 30, 2020 – way before this pandemic started but at just the right time.  The absolute perfect time to wiggle their wagging tail, floppy ears, and button nose right into your heart and home.

Yes, they are carefully vet checked, dewormed, have their first shots and even their health records.  We look forward to your phone call (519-638-3697) to answer any questions you may have and to book an appointment.

Check out this happy, mini Poodle that left us back in 2018. Her family writes: “Hi, We just wanted to give you an update on our sweet miniature poodle, Molly. The first picture was taken a few days after we picked her up Nov. 10, 2018 and the second one was taken on her first birthday (Sept. 19).

“Molly is a sweet little girl, full of energy and always looking for fun. She loves people and brings a smile to everyone’s face. She completed puppy school and we hope to get her into agility soon. We are thrilled to have her in our family.”

Wow! Molly is all grown up! She is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Winfield wishes you continued joy and happiness with Molly!

If you’d like some more warm-fuzzy reading, please don’t hesitate to check out the beautiful stories and photos from our happy customers and their happy dog.


Thank you for spending a little bit of time here!

Our Coton de Tulear Puppies Are All Sold!

It is with joy our last little boy (sitting on the left) has been claimed.  A wonderful family wanted to bring him from his Ontario home all the way to Calgary, Alberta.



Unfortunately, the shipping fees were much too expensive at the moment and he had to remain here.  Alas, today, a family from London, Ontario decided that he was a perfect match for their home.  He will leave us next Saturday while they get ready for the joy of their life to arrive.

Thank you for allowing us to share our first Coton de Tulear litter with you!  Our second litter has arrived and we have two little ones that will be photographed on February 11, 2020.  Make sure you come back to see those cuties!

We don’t get to our inbox very often but when we do we are sure to find some amazing photos.  Check out this letter from one of our recent customers:

“We brought home Scout from the litter posted on Nov 6th … He’s doing so well after being with us for one week.  He’s had his first walk around the block in the snow and loves it so far.  He’s a little cautious but very curious and brave. He has mastered going up the stairs on his own and he’s just the best.  We love him so much.  Here are some recent pics.  – Lucy and Norbert”

We thank you, kindly, for sending us these photos.  He definitely looks like he enjoys exploring!

Here’s another email that was buried underneath emails far, far too long.

“Hello, Benson has settled in and we love him. We got him November 2018.  Benson loves walks, playing ball, treats and of course cuddling. 

Benson has been easy to train, he loves the warmer weather and meeting new people.  He is an excellent addition to the family.  Thanks, Thomson Family!”

alt="reviews for winfield kennel"

What a cutie!!!  So glad to see Benson and that he has been so easy to train!  Thank you, kindly, for sending in this sweet collage.

For those that purchased their Coton de Tulear pup from us, we’d love to have you email us photos so we can pass along your new best friend, in your home, to all of our dear readers.

Have a wonderful day from all of us here at Winfield Kennel!

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!

As the year draws to a close, all of us here at Winfield Kennel reflect over the past year and are grateful! Grateful for a plentiful harvest, health, family and friends.

If you’re a last-minute shopper, we do have adorable, hypoallergenic, pure Coton de Tulear puppies available for you. They grow to be around 10 pounds of adorable, wagging fluffiness. Check out the whole litter hereUPDATE on 01/03/2020: ONLY ONE LEFT!alt="coton de tulear puppies for sale in ontario"Call soon! 519-638-3697. We’d love to help you choose the perfect wagging friend for your family to cherish!!!

We’d like to thank all of our customers from 2019 and wish you all a Merry Christmas with your new, best, four-pawed friend!!!