Our Sweet COCKAPOO Puppies Are Here!!!!


Winfield is so thrilled that our newest, little Cockapoo puppies have arrived. They were born right in the middle of this summer . . . August 2, 2015. We have EIGHT little ones . . . four boys and four girls looking for a loving home!

With eight little ones, you can definitely find a personality to suit your family! Believe me they have personality, especially the little boy in the middle of the lovely crate. Boy, did he ever try hopping out of there. He was so adorably curious. He needs to be with a family that likes action. Be prepared to be entertained.

You can feel confident purchasing your puppy through us because each and every little one is carefully checked over by a veterinarian, they receive their first shots and are dewormed before ever leaving us.

Give us a call at (519) 638-3697 if you are interested. We would be very happy to help you!

Have a wonderful day!

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