Abbie Is Surrounded by LOVE!

There is nothing better than getting a recent photo from a customer and seeing how happy & loved their wagging pup looks! Abbie looks like one HAPPY DOG . . . Such a cute grooming job on her too! Her family writes: “Hi Winfield Kennel!  We purchased our adorable, little Cockapoo puppy Abbie on Feb. 3rd. 2016.  What a wonderful addition to […]

Red Haired Beauties!

These long awaited, beautifully colored Cockapoos were welcomed with love on March 3, 2016. They definitely take after their mama and have inherited her gentle, laid back trait making them a pleasure to hold and snuggle . . . and they were so co-operative during their first, puppy photo session. We proudly present two, handsome boys (bottom […]