Abbie Is Surrounded by LOVE!

There is nothing better than getting a recent photo from a customer and seeing how happy & loved their wagging pup looks!

Abbie looks like one HAPPY DOG . . . Such a cute grooming job on her too!


Her family writes:

“Hi Winfield Kennel!  We purchased our adorable, little Cockapoo puppy Abbie on Feb. 3rd. 2016.  What a wonderful addition to our family. Our 7 grandchildren love her to pieces.
She has such a great personality and we have found her easy to train. She brings smiles to our faces every day and is a joy to have around. We are very thankful to have her. 😊
Sue and Bob.”

Thank you kindly for sending in this adorable photo and giving us an update.  It is wonderful to hear how many children are loving her to pieces.

We wish you many, many years of happiness with Abbie!

Winfield Kennel would love to add more photos from customers to the new page on this blog named: “Your Happy Dog”.  Please email us your photos and anything else you would like to share about your dog’s personality and how they fit into your family.

Thank you for stopping by!

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