Toby Is Another Happy Dog!

It is so much fun to be able to add two entries, in one day, into our new blog page called “Your Happy Dog“.

Please meet Toby!  He is a very handsome English Lab that left us in January of this year and his family sent us these photos and let us know he’s doing very well!  Check out that wonderful nose . . . and those trusting eyes!



This is Toby! I picked him up from Winfield Kennel on January 5th and I just wanted to give you an update to say that he is doing very well. He has learned to sit, stay, lay down, speak, shake a paw (and the other paw) as well as roll over. He loves playing with other pups and is always eager to meet new people and give kisses.

I am so happy that I chose Winfield Kennel! I see that his sister Murphy is on here and he wanted to give an update too!

Thanks so much,

Jamie Lynn”



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