Our Cockapoo Puppies Are Here!

June 1, 2016 was a very happy day here at Winfield Kennel.

We welcomed with joy a beautiful and healthy litter of Cockapoo puppies!

First, we’d love to show you our four, sweet girls.  There are three apricot coloured gals and one blondie waiting to be chosen.  They are the perfect lap dog and will smother you with happy licks.


Take a look at our handsome boys!  They were not sure about having their photos taken because they would much rather be wrestling and rolling around with each other.  I’m so glad they stopped for a second (that’s all they really gave me) so that you could take a look at their adorable faces.  The one on the right seems to be saying “alright now, can you hurry up please?  I want to play!”  I clicked the shutter and off they went!


After the vet comes this morning to carefully check over the health, eyes, and hips of each and every one of these seven pups, gives them their first shots and deworming, they are READY FOR YOU!  We want you to be confident in the health of these pups and please note that the deworming is a five day process . . . so you do need to wait until those five days are complete before coming to pick up your wee one.

So excited because this breed is definitely a favorite among families in Southern Ontario!  So please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting you!

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