English Labs Are Coming Soon . . .

What a beautiful, spring-like day to drive through Southern Ontario’s rural roads to Winfield Kennel.

A proud, pure English Lab mama and papa, of Winfield’s first litter born in 2017, came to greet me today.  Instead of photographing their sweet puppies, I focused my attention on these two!  What an amazing pair they make.  And what cute puppies they make.  I did get a few cuddles in.  🙂


I loved watching them interact with one another.  Buddy really likes Sheila.  That was evident in the way he happily licked her face and kept wanting to be near her.  Of course, when I got the camera out . . . Sheila was wanting to be close to her little ones and then had fun trying to capture them together.

Here they are at the door . . . wanting to get in to their babies.  They definitely don’t want to be out posing for me.  🙂


The pups are still too young to be chosen and won’t be ready until mid-March . . . I promise you, you will see photos of them in a few more weeks when they have had a chance to grow a bit bigger.

To keep informed please, keep checking back to see when they will become available.  Winfield Kennel will begin to take phone calls on March the 10th, at which time the photos will be posted on this blog.  Kindly refrain from calling until that date because we want to have their health check done by the vet, the first shots administered and the deworming finished.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting some amazing families who wish to bring an English Lab into their family.

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