“Happiness Is A Winfield Puppy!”

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“Happiness is a Winfield puppy.  Hi Erma,  when my husband and daughter came home with a cockapoo puppy on May 17th, I fell in love with her immediately.  We named her Rey (after Daisy Ridley’s character in the latest StarWars movie) and she has quickly settled in and become one of the family.  We love her to pieces and enjoy attending puppy training classes with her every Saturday morning.   For anyone getting a puppy, we find Zak George’s free training videos on YouTube to be extremely helpful.  Puppies like to chew and bite so toys and beef sticks are essential for redirecting their attention.  Thanks for breeding such a beautiful little girl.  She is greatly loved!”

The Robinsons

Thank you so much, Robinson Family, for the adorable photo, update, and the great resource for puppy training.  It is emails like one that makes our day!  This is why we raise dogs – to bring Ontario families an extra measure of joy!

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