Winfield Kennel has been operating for ten years by the Bauman Family and is registered in beautiful Mapleton Township in Southern Ontario!

We are completely up-to-date with our 2016 Kennel Licence.

alt="english lab puppies for sale in Ontario"


You can find us caring for our dogs at:

Winfield  Kennel
6907 Sideroad 19,  R.R. #2 Drayton, ON   N0G 1P0
PH: (519) 638-3697  (Monday through Saturday)

Email your current photos of the happy dog you purchased from us, along with a few words of how he/she is doing to:


We’d love to share those updates on our blog.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about the current dogs we have available for placement into loving homes.

We hope to help you find that perfect dog to fit into your family and lifestyle.


37 thoughts on “ABOUT WINFIELD

  1. Hi …happy Canada Day!
    Kindly, let me know when you might have female bichon poodle puppies? Thanks a mill 🙂


    • Hi Cheryl,

      Currently we have one female left in our latest litter that is posted under the Poodle and Crossbreed page. We know she won’t last long.

      Please call us directly as we don’t check our blog messages regularly. Thank you so much for your interest.


  2. Hello, our family of four is looking for a cockapoo, do you have any available? If not, do you know when you will have some? Thanks


    • Hi, We currently have English Labs and some adorable Bichon Poodles that will be posted early next week. Currently we don’t have any Cockapoos but should have some later this spring. Thank you for you interest!


  3. Hi there! Our family is looking to bring home a cockapoo puppy! Do you have any litters available? (Now or in the next couple of months?) thanks so much!


  4. HI! My friend recently bought one of your male poochon’s from the September litter and I would absolutely love to welcome one to my own family. Could you let me know when the next polochon litter is? Thanks.


    • Hi! If you are talking about our Bichon Poodle puppies, we have some ready to leave us this Saturday! The vet is coming to day to do his health check and give the shots. Please check out today’s post to see photos and give us a call. No emails please.


    • Hi Gwen, Thank you for contacting us . . . I’m sorry we don’t have any older dogs for sale.
      We only have English Lab puppies for sale at the moment! We are expecting Cockapoo puppies in July. Thanks again for your interest.


  5. Hi! Wondering if there are plans for cockapoo litters in 2019 and how often do you get Tuxedo red cockapoos? They’re all so cute!!


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