Winfield is pleased to present to you these pure, English Labs.

English Labs are known for their warm, gentle temperament and make wonderful companions.  Enjoy reading about the current pups we have available.

Happy New Year!  These English Labs arrived on December 17, 2018!  We have three boys and three girls looking for a loving home!  Please contact us soon!  They won’t last long! Update: ALL SOLD!


Winfield Kennel has a beautiful litter of English Lab puppies that wiggled into the world on April 21, 2018.  Both are healthy and have a lovely nature.  NOW SOLD!

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

We welcome with love these two litters of English labs born in September 2017! They are all sold!

alt="english lab puppies for sale at Winfield Kennel in Ontario"

February 1, 2017 was an exciting day here when three, gentle girls were born.  Two of the three have been claimed.  Update on 04/03/2017: all sold!

alt="english lab puppies for sale in Ontario"

Two beautiful girls entered the world on January 22, 2017!  We are thrilled to let you know they are sold!

alt="english lab puppies for sale in ontario"

Eight, robust, healthy and happy pure, Yellow English Labs were born June 9, 2016.  They are ready to leave us now and settle into their new home and loving family!  (Update on 08/17/2016:  All Labs are happily sold!)


4 thoughts on “ENGLISH LABS

  1. Hi there, when would you be expecting a new litter? Seeing as you are down to one female pup it looks like it may be a while. I am hoping to pick up a white male lab in the future and the photos of your little guys on your site are just gorgeous!.

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    • Hi! Thank you! Unfortunately we don’t have any available anymore but will post when there a new litter coming. If you want to call and get your name on a waiting list, that would be the best way to get a chance at one of our English Labs. Thank you for your interest.


  2. We are so in love with our little brown nosed girl. She was the most perfect addition to our little family and we could’t have picked a more perfect puppy!! Thank you =)


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