Adorable BICHON POODLE Puppies For Sale!

Yay!  Our Bichon Poodle puppies have arrived!!!  Update on 11/04/2017:  all sold very quickly due to the fact that we had a waiting list for this breed. 

Born on September 17, 2017, Winfield Kennel is very pleased to present three adorable girls (pictured together in the crate) and one little boy who have all been vet checked, dewormed and have been given their first puppy shots.  Aren’t they just the sweetest little fluff balls?

alt="bichon poodle puppies for sale in ontario"These little ones will definitely be a cuddly lap warmer in the crispy cold months ahead.

If you are searching for a larger animal friend, please check out our English Labs that we have for sale.

Please, don’t hesitate to give us a call (no emails, please) on Monday through Saturday.  We’d love to answer any questions you may have!




Two Beautiful Litters Of ENGLISH LAB Puppies FOR SALE!

What a busy, wonderful start to the month of September here at Winfield Kennel.  Our two, beautiful English Lab mama’s gave birth, welcoming eleven, chunky labs between the two of them.

September 1, 2017, to be exact, we welcomed two, beautiful little girls and their one brother.  Photographed just yesterday, on October 12, 2017, by Deborah Gascho Photography, they are six weeks old.

Update on October 23, 2017 . . . this is so funny, but we have since discovered that the boy actually snuck his way into the crate with his sister when we thought we had both the girls together.  Somehow he wiggled his way in.  🙂  So, to keep this accurate . . . the labelled “boy” is actually a sweet girl who is still looking for a home.  The boy is on the bottom left.  🙂

alt="english lab puppies for sale at Winfield Kennel in Ontario"The very next day, on September 2, 2017, we welcomed a whopping eight, sweet chunks.  Four handsome boys and four beautiful girls arrived in this healthy litter.  First up, we have our lovely girls to show you. alt="english lab puppies for sale in Ontario"And next, we are most proud to show you our boys!  alt="english lab puppies for sale in Ontario"Our vet is coming next Thursday since yesterday was one day before they turned six weeks old.  He does not administer their first shots or deworming until they are at least six weeks old.  Not one day before!  We are grateful for his wisdom and care for each of these little ones.  A health check will be given at the same time and paper work filled out for you to take home with your new family member.

Please call  on Monday through Saturday at (519) 638-3697) to reserve one of these little ones that will be ready to go home after the vet’s okay to do so.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Also, feel free to check out the updates customers sent to us on the “Your Happy Dog” page.  We’d love to add more photos, so if you have purchased your beautiful, furry family member from us, please email us!

Have a wonderful day!

Beautiful English Labs COMING SOON!

Winfield Kennel is absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of two, beautiful litters of pure English Labs that were born on September 1 and 2, 2017.

There are no photos to show yet since we don’t like them posing for us until they are about five weeks of age.  At around three weeks of age right now, they are busy eating, eating, and eating some more.

In the mean time, please enjoy this photo from a previous litter of ours.  Aren’t they beautiful?

alt="english lab puppies for sale in Ontario"

We can’t wait to show them off to you . . . in fact, their photo session has already been booked . . . October the 11th to be exact.  Our vet will visit them shortly after to give them their health check, first shots and deworming and then, they should be ready to leave us around the 20th of October, 2017.

If you are at all interested, please don’t hesitate to call us now to reserve one our English Labs.




Update on August 7, 2017:  ALL our sweet Cockapoos have found a home!  Thanks for your overwhelming interest.  Because of the astounding response in these puppies, we are letting you know that there will be no more Cockapoo pups until this winter!  We will have English Labs and Bichon Poodles available this coming fall.  Please check back here at that time.  We will keep it very updated.  Thank you all so much for your interest since we cannot answer all the emails inquiries. 

Winfield Kennel is proud to present a beautiful litter of Cockapoo puppies that was born on June 18, 2017.

We are so thrilled with our four girls (sitting together) and our three boys!  All are so sweet, healthy and happy!

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in ontario"

Here they are!  Carefully vet checked, given their first shots and also dewormed.

First come, first served as our Cockapoo puppies sell very quickly!

Thank you and have a super day!

Our Sweet Mini Poodles Have Arrived!

Winfield Kennel is thrilled to announce the safe and healthy arrival of pure Mini Poodle puppies that entered the world on May 20, 2017.  Update:  ALL SOLD!

alt="mini poodle puppies for sale in ontario"

Pure Mini Poodle mama and dad are mighty pleased to with their two little girls (sitting in the crate) and their one bouncing boy who is the only one still looking for a loving home!

All our puppies are carefully checked over by the vet who also writes out their vet papers (which their new owner will receive) deeming them healthy, having received their first shots and deworming.

We know this boy won’t last long, so if you are seriously interest, please contact us soon.  He could be home with you for this coming weekend!  What a beautiful time of year to bring home a furry, wagging friend.

Once our puppies are all snuggled into their new home and have established a routine, we would love to hear an update and see some photos of them in their new surroundings.  We love to share these photos and updates with our happy readers who love to read all about “Your Happy Dog”.

Thank you for stopping by our blog.

“Happiness Is A Winfield Puppy!”

alt="Winfield Kennel reviews"

“Happiness is a Winfield puppy.  Hi Erma,  when my husband and daughter came home with a cockapoo puppy on May 17th, I fell in love with her immediately.  We named her Rey (after Daisy Ridley’s character in the latest StarWars movie) and she has quickly settled in and become one of the family.  We love her to pieces and enjoy attending puppy training classes with her every Saturday morning.   For anyone getting a puppy, we find Zak George’s free training videos on YouTube to be extremely helpful.  Puppies like to chew and bite so toys and beef sticks are essential for redirecting their attention.  Thanks for breeding such a beautiful little girl.  She is greatly loved!”

The Robinsons

Thank you so much, Robinson Family, for the adorable photo, update, and the great resource for puppy training.  It is emails like one that makes our day!  This is why we raise dogs – to bring Ontario families an extra measure of joy!

It’s A Holiday Weekend . . . And We Have Adorable Bichon Poodles READY!!!

I love this time of year . . . the fresh, spring green popping out on the trees, our garden and fields getting planted, holiday weekends . . . AND adorable puppies waiting for their new homes.  (Update on 06/07/2017: all sold!)


These precious Bichon Poodle puppies were born on March 28, 2017 here at Winfield Kennel and are ready to leave us.  There are 3 boys and 2 girls in this healthy litter that has been checked over by a vet.  He has deemed each fluff ball healthy, given their first shots and deworming and filled out their paper work that the new owners receive with a one year healthy guarantee.  We even send along a free puppy guide and a small food sample home with you.

Thank you so much for visiting our website / blog.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

These Cockapoo Puppies Are READY To Leave Us . . .

Thank you to those wonderful people who have been patiently waiting for our Cockapoos!  Yes, we do have another litter that entered the world on March 24, 2017.

Winfield Kennel is very pleased to present four happy, bouncing boys (sitting together) and three, beautiful girls.  (Update on 05/20/2017:  All have found a home!)

alt="cockapoo puppies for sale in Ontario

Each one of these Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel x Mini Poodle) puppies were health checked by the vet today (05/11/2017).  He made sure each one has a healthy sounding heart, makes sure they have healthy eyes and joints, and gives them a thorough examination before signing their papers that you, their new owner, will receive.  Their first shots and deworming will also be administered and we even send along a free puppy guide and a small food sample home with your new family member.

Please call Erma and Frank at 519-638-3697 to set up an appointment on Monday through Saturdays.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Choosing!

So Adorable and Absolutely Cuddly! Now Sold!!!

Please, take a look!

Winfield Kennel is mighty pleased to present these four, little Bichon Poodles that arrived on February 16, 2017.  They were all blessed with a mighty thick, curly coat of fur and are at such a sweet stage right now.

Yes, they definitely are bright and alert!  They loved their photo session and posed wonderfully for us.

alt="bichon poodle puppies for sale in ontario

The top two (a boy on the left and his sister) have already been chosen by loving families. They can’t wait to bring these cuties into their home.

Update: ONLY ONE little girl available.  Please call soon!  As always, we will provide you with a one-year health guarantee as all our puppies have been carefully vet checked, dewormed, and have their first shots.  We even send along a free puppy guide and a small food sample home with you.

We absolutely love phone calls and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a wonderful day!

Adorable BICHON POODLE Puppies Waiting For Love.

These Bichon Poodle girls are best suited for those families looking for a gentle-natured puppy. They are absolutely beautiful, very sweetly natured, and an absolute delight to photograph on March the 23rd, 2017.

Yes, everyone at Winfield Kennel is very proud to present this litter of all girls born on February 10, 2017.  The vet came by last Thursday to check over the health of each little puppy, gave them their first shots and deworming. They are ready to go!


alt="bichon poodle puppies for sale in ontario"

You will receive their health papers, a free puppy guide to aid you in the care of these little ones and also a puppy food sample.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to view these little ones we can be reached at 519-638-3697 any time on Monday through Saturday.  We’d love to hear from you!

P.S.  Here is an update on the evening of writing this post:  these little ones are moving fast.  Two have now found a home . . . possibly the third, too. . . which would leave us with only the wee, little one to find a home!