Update on August 7, 2017:  ALL our sweet Cockapoos have found a home!  Thanks for your overwhelming interest.  Because of the astounding response in these puppies, we are letting you know that there will be no more Cockapoo pups until this winter!  We will have English Labs and Bichon Poodles available this coming fall.  Please check back here at that time.  […]

“Happiness Is A Winfield Puppy!”

“Happiness is a Winfield puppy.  Hi Erma,  when my husband and daughter came home with a cockapoo puppy on May 17th, I fell in love with her immediately.  We named her Rey (after Daisy Ridley’s character in the latest StarWars movie) and she has quickly settled in and become one of the family.  We love […]

One, Little Cockapoo Girl Available!

What a beautiful, calm, Christmas Day we had yesterday and now, Winfield Kennel wishes a happy Boxing Day to all!!! There is one, little, lonely Cockapoo girl (pictured on the left) waiting to find her forever family.  She would be most content to find a home with people who like to play.  She would love to keep up with […]

One, Sweet, Female COCKAPOO Left & Two Yellow Labs. . .

These adorable Cockapoo puppies were born on June 15, 2016!  They moved out of here so fast we haven’t had time to blog about them. Five, sweet girls filled this litter with one, lonely brother tagging along (top right).  All have found a home except for one, little girl who is really going to bless […]

Four Healthy & Happy Pups Await You!

Winfield Kennel is excited to share with you that on April 10, 2016, four little Cockapoo puppies wiggled into this world. We are happy to let you know there are two boys and two little girls in this sweet litter. Today the vet is coming to inspect each pup, listen to their heart, check their eyes, hips and […]

Abbie Is Surrounded by LOVE!

There is nothing better than getting a recent photo from a customer and seeing how happy & loved their wagging pup looks! Abbie looks like one HAPPY DOG . . . Such a cute grooming job on her too! Her family writes: “Hi Winfield Kennel!  We purchased our adorable, little Cockapoo puppy Abbie on Feb. 3rd. 2016.  What a wonderful addition to […]

Red Haired Beauties!

These long awaited, beautifully colored Cockapoos were welcomed with love on March 3, 2016. They definitely take after their mama and have inherited her gentle, laid back trait making them a pleasure to hold and snuggle . . . and they were so co-operative during their first, puppy photo session. We proudly present two, handsome boys (bottom […]

Winfield Kennel Proudly Presents Adorable Cockapoo Puppies!

These sweet Cockapoo puppies were born on December 16, 2015, when the weather was still mild and everything was green outside.   Winter has definitely arrived, cold and blustery, and these little pups will be able to leave us just in time to help keep your toes warm this winter. We have three boys and two girls in this gentle litter and they have received their […]

Sweet COCKAPOO’s Ready For You!

Aren’t they adorable?  Today we had the vet out to our place (here at Winfield Kennel )to check over our sweet Cockapoo puppies.  He carefully checked both boys over; eyes, heart, and overall health, and administered their first shots and deworming.  (UPDATE on 12/01/2015: Both have found their new family!) We’re happy to let you know that they […]

Our Sweet COCKAPOO Puppies Are Here!!!!

UPDATE on 09/23/2015: ONLY TWO GIRLS LEFT! Winfield is so thrilled that our newest, little Cockapoo puppies have arrived. They were born right in the middle of this summer . . . August 2, 2015. We have EIGHT little ones . . . four boys and four girls looking for a loving home! With eight […]