It’s exciting to see how happy your puppy is!  

No matter how long ago, we would love an update, and it will be published here for everyone’s enjoyment.  Please send in a recent photo of your dear pup purchased from us to:

Happy reading!


“Here’s an updated photo of our puppy, Bailey! In September, we drove all the way from Ottawa to pick her up and we’ve been head over heels in love with her since the second we laid eyes on her. She brings so much life and laughter to our home.. she loves to play with her toys and spend time outside in the backyard! 

alt="reviews for winfield kennel"Thank you Winfield Kennel for such an awesome puppyThanks, Caitlyn & Jeremy”


“Hi Erma, I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to give you an update on Huxley who I picked up in April. He’s such a great puppy/dog. Everyone loves him so much. He has the best temperament and makes everyone so happy.Thanks for bringing this beautiful boy into my life! I’ve attached a few pictures of him. Hope you and the family are doing well.” — David

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“We just wanted to send you a picture of our adorable Mollie – we purchased her from you April 2018.  She is the sweetest puppy & has stolen our hearts – I am so happy we have her in our family.   Thank you so much!” — Sheila A

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“Hello!  We wanted to send you a few pictures of Bella!  She is the sweetest dog!  She has fit right into our family.  We live 10 steps from the beach and she loves walks there and she will attempt to swim into the lake.  I have given your name to a few couples in our area that are looking for puppies.  We get so many compliments on her.  Keep doing what your doing…your dogs are the best!!”  – Fae H. 

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“Happiness is a Winfield puppy.  Hi Erma,  when my husband and daughter came home with a cockapoo puppy on May 17th, I fell in love with her immediately.  We named her Rey (after Daisy Ridley’s character in the latest StarWars movie) and she has quickly settled in and become one of the family.  We love her to pieces and enjoy attending puppy training classes with her every Saturday morning.   For anyone getting a puppy, we find Zak George’s free training videos on YouTube to be extremely helpful.  Puppies like to chew and bite so toys and beef sticks are essential for redirecting their attention.  Thanks for breeding such a beautiful little girl.  She is greatly loved!”  The Robinsons


“Our precious Cockapoo, Jesse, from Winfield Puppies, is celebrating his 1st Birthday today, Dec. 16, 2016.  He is so very intelligent & loveable & we couldn’t be more in love with this rambunctious ‘toddler’. He truly lights up our life 💓 I wish we had adopted the whole litter haha.”  J. Czuba

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“We brought our little Riley home one week ago!  She has been a real blessing. So loving, sweet and smart!  She is already sleeping full nights quietly in her crate and is starting to tell us when she needs to go outside!  During her first vet visit we were told she is a very happy and healthy puppy. So glad that she is a member of our family! Attached is a picture of her from yesterday following some play time!”

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Thanks to Winfield Kennel for raising such lovely Cockapoos!
The Reiner Family “

Please meet this sweet Cockapoo named Izzie!

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Izzie as a little puppy!

Izzie has graduated her puppy classes.

“My husband and I brought our sweet little Cockapoo puppy, Izzie home from Winfield Kennel on April 23, 2016 and she has been a joy and blessing ever since.

She is very friendly and loves everyone she meets, has lots of energy to play and also loves to snuggle. She is a smart little whippersnapper to boot! She learned to ring a bell to let us know she has to go outside a few weeks after we brought her home and has graduated a puppy training class with flying colours.  We just love our dog!”


Meet these two best friends: An English Lab and an 18-month-old boy!

Best Friends

“We purchased him from you on January 1st, 2016 when he was only 6 weeks old and he has been an absolute joy to have and we can’t imagine our lives with out him! He has definitely exceeded all of our expectations, he is extremely intelligent and was house broken within a couple of days and picked up very quickly on quite a few commands.  Our little 18 month old boy just loves him to pieces and they will be best friends for many years to come!! He has been an amazing addition to our family!!


Meet TOBY!   A very handsome English Lab!alt="reviews for winfield kennel puppies in ontario" alt="reviews for winfield kennel puppies in ontario" alt="reviews for winfield kennel puppies in ontario"

This is Toby! I picked him up from Winfield Kennel on January 5th and I just wanted to give you an update to say that he is doing very well. He has learned to sit, stay, lay down, speak, shake a paw (and the other paw) as well as roll over. He loves playing with other pups and is always eager to meet new people and give kisses.

I am so happy that I chose Winfield Kennel. I see that his sister Murphy is on here and he wanted to give an update too!

Thanks so much, Jamie Lynn.”


This beautiful Cockapoo is named “ABBIE“.

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“Hi Winfield Kennel!  We purchased our adorable, little Cockapoo puppy Abbie on Feb. 3rd. 2016.  What a wonderful addition to our family. Our 7 grandchild love her to pieces.
She has such a great personality and we have found her easy to train. She brings smiles to our faces every day and is a joy to have around. We are very thankful to have her. 😊
Sue and Bob.”


Introducing MURPHY, a brown-nosed English Lab!

Murphy’s new family writes: alt="reviews for winfield kennel puppies for sale in ontario"

“Hi there. I just wanted to update you on our gorgeous puppy, Murphy. We brought her home on January 2, 2016 and at just 6 weeks, Murphy was pretty much house trained. She has had only 3 accidents ever in the house and she has surpassed our expectations.

Murphy is now a happy and healthy 14 week old puppy who weighs a little less than 35 pounds. She has mastered the commands sit, down, leave it, paw, wave hello, speak and is working on rolling over. Like I said, she exceeded our expectations, being such a young puppy.

Murphy loves interacting with other dogs and going on walks. She is such an amazing addition to little family. My husband and I are happy we chose the little brown nosed puppy. We are beyond happy with her and she sends big wet kisses and big furry hugs to her brothers and sisters.

We will keep you updated on our beautiful girls development. :)” – Lucas & Vanessa


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